Annoyed at Google App Engine and Eclipse Indigo

Ugh… so always blog angry right?  This seems to be my pattern:

  1. Create blog for no apparent reason saying “one day I’ll update” because I happen to be doing something at the time that makes it easy. ( Getting a myspace account, when google bought blogger and was advertising like crazy, when I was setting up another SQL project on my site and saw a free wordpress install)
  2. Wait for months for something to happen tech wise that I can rant about ( that isn’t directly work related )
  3. Write an angry post or two about code problems that annoy me. Not that are difficult problems, just that shouldn’t exist as problems at all.
  4. Eventually forget password
  5. Goto: 1

We’re on step 3 now! Story time!

So I’ve just done my first install of Google App Engine to work on a text based RPG app project (More on that in future updates!)

So I install latest Eclipse (Indigo 3.7) and then happily try to install the google plug-in (found here:

Which quickly leads to this error:

Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency.
  Software being installed: Google Plugin for Eclipse 3.7 2.3.2.r37v201106211634 ( 2.3.2.r37v201106211634)
  Software currently installed: WindowBuilder XML Core 1.0.0.r37x201106081533 ( 1.0.0.r37x201106081533)
  Only one of the following can be installed at once:
    WindowBuilder Databinding XML Core 1.0.0.r37x201106161417 (org.eclipse.wb.core.databinding.xml 1.0.0.r37x201106161417)
    WindowBuilder Databinding XML Core 1.0.0.r37x201106081533 (org.eclipse.wb.core.databinding.xml 1.0.0.r37x201106081533)
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: GWT Designer Editor 2.3.2.r37x201106201351 ( 2.3.2.r37x201106201351)
    To: 1.0.0.r37x201106161417
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: Google Plugin for Eclipse 3.7 2.3.2.r37v201106211634 ( 2.3.2.r37v201106211634)
    To: 2.2.0
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: WindowBuilder XML Core 1.0.0.r37x201106081533 ( 1.0.0.r37x201106081533)
    To: org.eclipse.wb.core.databinding.xml [1.0.0.r37x201106081533]
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: WindowBuilder XML Core 1.0.0.r37x201106161417 ( 1.0.0.r37x201106161417)
    To: org.eclipse.wb.core.databinding.xml [1.0.0.r37x201106161417]

Ruh-roh, more time on the internet leads me to a bug in Eclipse’s database. But of course the work around doesn’t work for me there, something else must of changed since that was posted. So I need to dig through the PAIN that is getting individual updates in eclipse, which I hate digging for.

At least for me the only work around I got to work when installing Google App Engine on a fresh install was:

  1. Fail and spend way more time looking around the internet than installing something should take.
  2. Help -> Install New Software from “”
  3. Select all things “WindowBuilder” related.
  4. Follow instructions on google tutorial ( install from “”)
  5. PROFIT! ( probably not.)

There are some similar workarounds on posts after googling this error, but that first link is difficult to find for someone who hasn’t worked in eclipse in a few years and “Update” of course does nothing.