Hi there!

You’ve stumbled upon the portfolio of Molly Jameson (game programmer, hard worker, and Tetris enthusiast.) Here you can view my résumé, a few of my professional projects, and some fun coding or game stuff I do in my free time.

Currently I’m happily employed at Spry Fox, making an awesome new title. Until recently I was at Ubisoft San Francisco where I worked on a few unannounced AAA projects. Back in 2015, I was at Anki Inc in the Bay Area making the robot pet, Cozmo. I’ve also worked at Insomniac Games making awesome console games like Ratchet And Clank, Resistance 3, Sunset Overdrive and Fuse. Previously I was employed at Six Degrees Games in West LA working on the kid’s virtual world/MMO Action AllStars. Before that I was working at Big Fish Games coding some iphone games and flash games for a facebook app, java applets and any other tasks that need to be worked on to get the job done. Back in 2007, I graduated from the DigiPen Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. I specialize in gameplay programming but enjoy tackling any problem placed in front of me.

I’d love to chat about job opportunities, projects I’ve worked on, diversity in tech, cat memes, or whatever is on your mind.