Speedy Free Flash Game Programming Review

I’ve been away from flash for a few months and decided it was time to do a quick review. But after being a professional flash developer for several years what to do? Also I had the additional problem that I didn’t have access to useful tools like oh I don’t know the Flash Authoring tool.
I wanted to do something that was easily skinnable so it had the feel of a normal flash game that suckers would buy you would see on normal portals.

This is what I came up with after a day: FIV Find it

I used a few public domain images, FlashDevelop IDE, Paint.NET, and goldwave. I’d recommend this combination to any exploring programmer with limited art resources. Making an entire hidden object scene in a few hundred lines of code.

As for the numbers you get on Kongregate for putting less than a day of work in something and not having an artist: 200 plays and 17 cents after 3 days. Fun fact. This is with only facebook shares and being briefly listed on the new games section.

Making this tiny game was fun enough where I’ve rejuvenated my plan of constant side projects.